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My name is Martyna Friedla, and I am the creatrix of digital content, the access to which I sell through my store available at https://www.martynafriedla.com/.

My registration details: Martyna Friedla NIP:7543252927, REGON:384960053.

Below, you will find the regulations in which I have included all the information about the methods of obtaining reviews from customers in my company, i.e., in the above-mentioned Martyna Friedla company.

If you have any questions, my team is at your disposal at the email address team@academyofsensitivity.com.

All reviews about products and services sold in my company are obtained personally or through persons appointed for this purpose (e.g., virtual assistants) with whom I collaborate.

All reviews published on my website and in other company media come exclusively from individuals who participated in my courses and workshops and used my digital content.

The only ways in which reviews are obtained from customers of my company:

  1. By email, asking customers to describe their experience,
  2. Through customer contact applications, such as Whatsapp, Signal, and Messenger – in this case, either direct screenshots with statements are published, with the consent of the authors of the statements, or their content is copied,
  3. By transcribing excerpts from oral statements about my services and products, which statements have been digitally recorded in the form of interviews and publicly available on the company’s YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtMI_LvWoVZYYH1FuHqj0gg – where everyone can personally listen to them,
  4. Through screenshots of statements from my customers, which have been personally written down in my social media on platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. Authorship can then be easily verified by checking the account of the author of a given comment with a statement about the service or product.

All key information regarding purchases in my company can be found on the Store Regulations – Terms of Service page: https://martynafriedla.com/terms-of-service/ , and information on data acquisition in the Privacy Policy: https://martynafriedla.com/privacy-policy/.

The copyright owner of the above Review Regulations is Martyna Friedla. Copying and publishing the above content elsewhere without my consent is prohibited.

The regulations came into effect on January 1, 2023, and the described practices of obtaining reviews are the only ones ever practiced in my company.

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